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Passion Play Oberammergau 2022 (Book+CD)

Passion Play Oberammergau 2022 (Book+CD)

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  • 9783957492913
With more than one hundred performances and half a million spectators the Oberammergau Passion... mehr
With more than one hundred performances and half a million spectators the Oberammergau Passion Play is the most successful amateur production in the world, and is included on UNESCO’s register of Intangible Cultural Heritage. The official illustrated book documents Christian Stückl’s new production of the Passion Play with set designs, costumes and tableaux vivants by Stefan Hageneier. It is the third Passion Play production that the two Oberammergau-born artists have staged together, one that sees them forging a connection with the present day, highlighting the pressing issues of asylum and integration. The rehearsals are captured by Icelandic cinematographer Birgit Guðjónsdóttir, and her moving and richly detailed photographs reveal the enormous energy and emotional force of this unique event. Music has a particular significance in the Obermmergau Passion Play. Almost a third of the five-and-a-half hour production is musical – almost the length of a free-standing oratorio. Markus Zwink, Musical Director for the years 1990, 2000 and 2010, returns once again in 2022 to arrange the music for the Passion Play. The edition includes the official illustrated book and the CD.
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Beiträge von: Christian Stückl, Markus Zwink, Stefan Hageneier, Teresa Grenzmann
Schlagworte: 42. Passionplay, Christian Stückl, Jesus of Nazareth, Markus Zwink, Oberammergau, Open-Air Stage, Passion Play Oberammergau, Passion Plays, Passion Story, Pest, Stefan Hageneier, Theater der Zeit
Thema: Darstellende Künste
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